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Living Mindfully – 4 week introduction

A great introduction to the art of living mindfully, to help you develop or refresh a formal meditation practice and skills in daily mindfulness.

•   Mindfulness helps reduce anxiety and depression, increases focus and improves your relationship with your self and others.

•   Meditation develops calmness and increased peace and happiness through training the mind to rest and be still. 

•   Chairs, meditation stools and cushions are provided. 

This course is also available as four private sessions at the Bodhi Studio in Red Hill.

Available Thursday, Friday, Saturday - contact Jacqui to arrange a suitable time.

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Relaxation, Mindfulness & Meditation – 8 week meditation course

A course that introduces and deepens meditation, mindfulness, and heart-happy living. 

•   Tools covered include relaxation, kindness skills to yourself and others, five different types of meditation for different purposes, mindfulness of body, mind and emotions, and a greater understanding of yourself and the environment.

•   This course follows a structured approach to build skills and tools that you can practice and draw on in everyday life. 

•   Chairs, meditation stools and cushions are provided.

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Contemplation and Meditation group

For more established meditators who wish to explore in depth the Buddha’s teachings (Dhamma) and meditation practices, based in the Theravada tradition.

•   Identify recurring patterns (or habits) of the mind, to allow you to let go and move deeper into your meditation practice.

•   Insights gained from extended meditation practice, contemplation and discussion can then be applied in daily living.

•   Classes finish with a metta meditation (loving kindness), which helps us to expand an open, compassionate and loving heart.

•   Themes change from term to term. Previous attendance of the 8 week meditation and mindfulness course is beneficial.

•   Chairs, meditation stools and cushions are provided.   

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Ongoing Meditation group

After completion of the 4 or 8 week meditation and mindfulness course you can continue to deepen your meditation practice in a supportive group environment, to assist you in overcoming obstacles to meditation, in establishing regular practice, and in achieving the full benefits of living mindfully.

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Yoga and Relaxation

A gentle and mindful form of Hatha yoga which uses the breath to link mind and body, calming the emotions, and allowing the release of deeply held stress and tension.

•   Gentle postures (asana) help stretch the muscles of the body, increase flexibility, focus, and energy.

•   Breathing (pranayama) helps increase focus, energy and vitality.

•   Deep, guided relaxation (yoga nidra) systematically releases tension from every part of the body and is a fully guided meditation practiced lying down.

•   Leave the class feeling more relaxed, calm and energised.

•   byo yoga mat.

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Individual Session

We cater for your individual needs with private mindfulness and meditation sessions at the Bodhi Studio, Red Hill.

Investment $90 per 1 hour session. 

To discuss your needs or to arrange a suitable time please contact Jacqui.