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Living Mindfulness & Meditation 

Living Mindfulness and Meditation was founded by Jacqui Winstanley with the aim of sharing her years of practice and teaching for the benefit of those seeking to live life more consciously and create calmness, clarity and happiness in today’s busy world.

Living Mindfulness and Meditation brings you practices based on the Buddha’s teachings in the Theravada tradition: mindfulness and meditation, values and loving kindness, and Insight wisdom. Jacqui's classes introduce and expand the path of living mindfully in a clear and easily accessible way, in a friendly and supportive environment.

Mindfulness and meditation have been around for thousands of years in many cultures, which points to the universality of the practices. Through regular practice of the techniques provided, you can experience positive changes to your patterns of thought, perspectives on living, and nurture a feeling of happiness, contentment and a deeper sense of connectedness with others and the world around you..

'Mindfulness is the miracle by which we restore ourselves' - Hanh

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Benefits of mindfulness and meditation

  • Reduced physical and mental stress, anxiety and depression

  • Improved performance through increased memory, focus, planning skills and sustained attention

  • Increased resilience and improved ability to manage stress

  • Greater clarity, peace, calm, happiness and joy

  • Greater well being including improved sleep patterns

  • Improved emotional intelligence and communication skills leading to less conflict and improved relationships

  • Greater compassion to oneself and others

  • Increased insight, wisdom, understanding, and connectedness

'Neuroscientists have also shown that practicing mindfulness affects brain areas related to perception, body awareness, pain tolerance, emotion regulation, introspection, complex thinking, and sense of self.' - Congleton et al. Harvard Business Review, January 8 2015


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Jacqui Winstanley

Jacqui has developed deep insight through meditation, mindfulness and yoga over the past 30 years of practice and teaching. She is grateful for the knowledge passed down from her teachers during many retreats and time spent in yoga ashrams, including a 6-month live-in Sannyasa Training Course at the Bihar School of Yoga in India. In the last two years she has enjoyed retreats on contemplative science and classical Buddhadharma with Tibetan Buddhist monk Tarchin Hearn.

Jacqui was authorised to teach the Dhamma (Buddha’s teachings) by Philippa Ransome, herself an authorised Dhamma teacher of over 25 years by the highly respected Buddhist nun Venerable Ayya Khema. Jacqui also continues the Dhamma teachings in retreats and contemplation classes for Coming Home Meditation, founded by Phillipa Ransome. Jacqui feels humbled to be able to share this experience and knowledge that has the power to transform peoples lives.

In 1995, Jacqui instigated pre-natal yoga teaching at the Ballarat Base Hospital, followed by the Bays Hospital Mornington, and Peninsula Private Hospital Frankston. She has had the privilege of sharing meditation, mindfulness and yoga with many wonderful students over the years, many referred by GPs, psychologists and obstetricians, who had seen the benefits that Jacqui’s classes had on their patients.  

"Jacqui is very knowledgeable about the theory of meditation and yoga. She has a beautiful, relaxed manner and my patients found the classes very relaxing" - Mr Ian K Mayes, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist